Company Profile

Enquiry Software (CRM) System is the another product from Nestsoft Technologies. Nestsoft Technologies, Since 1997 has emerged as front-runner in providing innovative IT solutions world wide. We are glad to present the world's first and unique Enquiry Software System with Website Maker & SEO at a very low cost.

"Our main motive is to develop efficient and effective CRM Software for Small Businesses and help them to prosper and develop their business."

EnquirySoft CRM provides flexible and solid tools for different organizations to establish a reliable means for managing and tracking their customers. Thus the organizations can easily identify and monitor their potential customers using this Business Management software to easily track and handle customer queries which ensures you a complete customer satisfaction.

World's First & Unique Product

As a result of the combined effort of our team of professionals including programmers, web developers, content writers and SEO analysts for more than 2-3 years, We have successfully finished and implemented the development of our Enquiry Software (CRM). Our new software product provides a flexible and dynamic environment for each and every organization for efficiently managing their customers, branches, enquiries, contacts, documents, quotations, notifications, bulk sms, emails, customer tracking, websites and seo. After conducting a lot of research and studies and receiving feedbacks and opinions from official authorities of various business we successfully developed Enquirysoft to fit the main requirements of business organizations, professionals, institutes etc.

Your Potential. Our Passion

Your Potential. Our Passion, All customers concerns are checked through a shut hover process by us till they are settled and are completely fulfilled. We are outsourcing our administrations and answers for the customers from various parts of the world as our customers are from inside and outside India i.e. Oman, UAE, Middle East, Asia, Europe, USA and Everywhere. By purchasing our product you can be doing business very easily, effectively, cost-effective and profitably. If you think these subtle elements are useful and this product is commendable, claim this item or offer this information to others.