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For your better understanding of our software, we provide you a free Demo of our product. You get to know about our software deeply and completely using this demo. It is completely free and will be always available to you. We found out that you will need a demonstration of our software and developed this demo to enlighten you with the features and advantages of our product.

We have categorized the individuals who have access to this system as three. The 3 categories include Owner, Branch Head, and Staff. These individuals are assigned priorities based on their position in an organization. The privileges assigned to this people differ based on their position on the priority list. The first priority is given to the owner. The owner can enjoy more privileges and access more features than the other categories of people. The Branch Head is second on the priority list and the Staff comes third.

Both of these categories come under the Owner. The privileges can are assigned to each class of individual are explained in the following section.

Owner Login

The Owner is the first and most important person on our list. The owner is the one who makes the important decisions regarding an organization. So we provide the owner the access to most important and significant features. The owner can break down the tasks and processes and assign it to the other staffs. The important features that the owner can access are described in the following list.

  • The owner can add / remove a new staff or a new branch to the system.
  • The owner can decide whether to give a staff access to the system by approving their Activation.
  • The salary of the employees and other details of the staff can be managed by the Owner.
  • Owner can manage the enquiries and monitor their follow-ups.
  • Owner can manage the documents regarding an organization using this software.
  • Owner can add contact information about all the employees and other important contacts of the organization.
  • Notifications and Reminders can be sent to different employees by the Owner.

Admin / Branch Head Login

The Branch Head can manage the information and activities of a particular branch. The branch head is not provided with as much access as the Owner but he / she can control the exercises of the branch which they are in control with. The following section points out the privileges of the Branch Head.

  • Branch Head can manage the staff of that particular branch he / she is in charge with.
  • The Enquiries and its Follow-ups regarding the branch can be managed by the Branch Head.
  • The Documents and contacts related to the branch can also be managed by them.
  • The notifications and reminders from the owner can be managed and the same can be directed towards the respective staff which comes under them.

Staff Login

The staff is responsible for processing the enquiries related to the organization and managing the reports about these enquiries. The main responsibilities of a Staff are explained below.

  • The Staff can add the enquiries related to the organization to the system and is responsible for processing the enquires and taking the appropriate actions regarding that enquiry.
  • The reports about the actions taken towards an enquiry should be generated by the Staffs.
  • Each staff can manage the enquiries related to their section separately.
  • Staff can view the New Enquires from the customers.
  • The staff can view the documents related to the branch and can access the contacts details of the other staffs and other important contacts related to the organization.
  • Staff can view the notifications and reminders from the Owner or Branch Head and ensure that they won’t miss them.
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