Cloud / Online Based Crm Software System for Business, Individuals

With its Cloud-based, Customer Relationship Management Platform, Enquirysoft enables organizations of all sizes to track and support leads and analyze business measurements. Enquirysoft is a cloud-based sales and marketing platform that brings Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation, E-Commerce together in one centralized system, are all the more mechanically progressed and easy to understand, but they also come in a variety of solutions that are designed to address unique needs of all types of businesses – big or small. Just like everything in today’s IT world, our contemporary CRM systems now offer new potential outcomes, flexible costs, as well as easy maintenance and deployment. With this system, users can segment their contacts, track customer interactions, send emails, run campaigns setting triggers for personalized communications based on email opens, clicks, and more.

We provide interactive CRM system which is a tool that is going to help you establish closer connections with your customers, give proficient client benefit, sell more and grow your business further. Users can also manage their e-commerce, from inventory management to payments and purchase fulfilment, set up online shopping carts, track action in their advanced retail facade, send quotes, invoices, receipts and more.

Online Payroll Software

Our Software committed to delivering value through flexible cloud technology and individualized support. Our cloud-based HR solution provides online payroll services. Enquirysoft brings many services for businesses to manage everyday jobs including Employees Salaries, Budgeting, Document Management, Letters and Email Automated Generation and Custom MIS and Trending reports and so forth.

Cloud Based Services

Our cloud based administrations covers design of cloud based applications and run them anyplace - on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Our procedure should be adaptable and work around the way you do and our cloud based infrastructure provides scalability, accessibility, security and reliability.

Benefits of Cloud / Online Based CRM

  • Reduced expenses
  • Higher sales productivity
  • Improved service, loyalty, and retention
  • Better profiling and targeting
  • Increased market share
  • Marginal costing
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction