Multi Branch Management Software System for Business, Individuals

EnquirySoft provides a Multi-Branch Management System for managing multiple branches using a Center Management System. Clients can be managed in branch level with an Online Franchise Management System. Branch settings / administration, one of the highlights of EnquirySoft empowers you to effectively control the operations occurring in numerous branches using a single system. The branch level customers can be influenced and the customers can get the data about a particular branch according to their area of interest. Enquiry administration programming lets you carefully catch every last collaboration with the prospects in a more sorted out way. As the information is put away halfway, it can be effectively made available over various branches.

Branch Management System

It creates reports for each and every branch and encourages us to take the right choices. Works and tasks in each branch can be broken down effortlessly. New changes and ventures in business can be monitored and can be set to raise alerts if the target estimations are not met. Thus even the small tasks will get attention and can be monitored well.

Franchise Management System

The system enables the screening and controlling of each operation of an established business according to our requirement. The framework established is optimized in such a way that it can dynamically develop as your business develops. The vital feature of this product is that it is completely adaptable to the particular and unique needs of your business. You can evaluate the progress of your business and bring forward the changes and developments in each sector by utilizing the complete report developed by our product about your organization.

Benefits of Multi Branch Management

  • Seriously Smart and Greater Control
  • Standardised Processes
  • Proper Allocation and Scheduled Monitoring
  • Operation Integration
  • Easier Access to Records
  • Timesheet Control