Multi User / Staff Management Software System for Business, Individuals

Multi-user And Staff Management feature provide Security And Integrity of Data. This module permits assigning passwords for clients and Grant / Revoke Permissions. Enquirysoft enables efficient Multi-user and staff management module to appoint and change different users along with their roles defined. The Staff management is the most important resource among the properties of any business serves to incorporates with plenty of add-on business applications. The client control depicts how to set up various client accounts. Every client record can be arranged to limit certain elements of the framework. With multi-client accounts, we can without much of a stretch oversee customers, and groups of any size can work together.

Multi User / Staff Management benefits

  • Track staff benefits such as vacation and sick time, comp time, and firm holidays
  • Adding and removing staff accounts
  • Assign users to groups, project roles, and applications
  • Allow online store tasks to be completed by multiple employees, reducing admin time
  • Keep all kinds of data about the employees: family, history, documents, materials, health, qualifications, courses, certificates, etc.
  • Automatically fills in the staff’s work time-sheet
  • Make the best use of your staff’s skill sets
  • Set targets for billable and total hours

Multi-user Access and Team Management

Enquirysoft makes team collaboration easy, and help companies of all sizes and full control over their email marketing projects. Multi-user can do everything: manage contact lists, send emails, or add new users. In our system, effective multi-user access and team management are possible to handle sales, purchasing, and inventory, creation and updation of templates, and management of multimedia and so forth. Our product is approved to oversee battles and leads, with a specific end goal to help clients and Staff chiefs to incorporate individuals who lead income expending divisions, for instance, bookkeeping, client administration, or HR.

Multi-user OS System and Staff Management

Enquirysoft provides ideal Multi-user OS system and staff management for scheduling different tasks for performance at any rate. In Staff Service, you can assign work to each staff in your business and coordinate them efficiently. If your company has more than one branch you can manage every staff using this single site that leads a way for your company to grow faster. With multi-client accounts, offices can without much of a stretch oversee customers, and groups of any size can team up. Enquirysoft will adapt to your workflow and maybe even improve it. We are dealing with people, rather than numbers or business theories. Utilize staff’s talents and skills beyond the job description Raise equity in the company. Coordinated Staff administration may include moving a workforce around and utilizing human resources.