Sms / Email Integration Software System for Business, Individuals

EnquirySoft enables a short and accurate SMS / Email to clients, accomplices, or workers, Messaging represents a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to communicate. Enquirysoft integrates our SMS / Email gateway with your website or programming, utilizing SMS API apparatuses and add content informing to your business work process. Through the Email / SMS service, we are able to keep updated in real time our client. Enquirysoft connects with your clients through completely automated, personalized email and SMS campaigns. The correct message at the ideal time will enable you to make richer relationships throughout your client journeys.

SMS Gateway API

Add text messaging to your business workflow using SMS API tools and coordinate our SMS gateway with your website or software. This facilitates greater bandwidth for volume messaging, cheap message costs and the facility for multiple inbound numbers routing back to your SMS server.

Two-Way SMS Chat

With our online SMS chat, you can send and receive instant text messages. This feature is ideal for remote correspondence with staff and clients and provides out of the box integration with the most popular desktop email clients for all authorized users.

Bulk SMS / Email Service

You can send out emails, SMS, and web push notifications through one single platform. The creation of hybrid series of communications targeted to your customers is possible, which will cover all delivery channels, and increment your business effectiveness. Highlights of the Bulk SMS / Email services:

  • Personalised messaging
  • Mobi-gram Messaging - send SMS attachments
  • Personalised Sender IDs
  • Link to external datasources
  • Quick messaging to large groups and individuals
  • Easy forwarding of and replying to SMS messages
  • BulkSMS Text Messenger Inbox receives the replies of the SMS.